Blog Posting – How Often?

Blog Posting - How Often?

Blog Posting – How Often?
To keep your blog updated, you will have to increase your publishing frequency. This is a question we are frequently asked. Our standard reply is that you should blog regularly – at least weekly.

Search engines are always looking for fresh content. If you’re publishing on a constant basis, your site will be crawled and indexed just as frequently. Another plus? Search engines like Google reward the regular publishing of quality content, so you might begin to see your rank climb.

Other benefits of regular posting include:

> Higher traffic, higher revenue, higher page rank.
> Lots of quality content to link to.
> Develops writing skills.
> There’s always something new to share with your readers.
> Generates trust among visitors.
> Increases conversions and sales.

You can also depend on consistent, frequent publishing to help with lead nurturing. Capturing leads is one thing, but finding and nurturing qualified leads is an entirely different task. That’s where your schedule (frequency) comes in – you can use a content calendar to create content that fits every step of the buyer’s journey.

Given the impact that returning visitors can have on your website, it’s no wonder that consistent and frequent content can help you significantly grow your digital presence.

When it comes to business blogging, there’s no doubt that consistency is important. Just consider the fact that companies that increase blogging from 3-5 X per month to 6-8 X per month have been known to almost double their leads.

So, how much consistency and frequency are you putting into your business blog? The answer to that question just might determine your success in growing your online presence and ultimately, gaining new customers.

On the Direct Submit blog, we have experienced the many advantages of publishing blog posts regularly. You may have experienced them too. he more you publish, the more old posts you store on your site.