One Approach to Building an SEO Campaign

One Approach to Building an SEO Campaign

More businesses are looking to expand through SEO. However, it’s hard to predict what kind of results can be achieved within a set amount of time. That’s why a common questions business owners ask is “how long does SEO take?” There isn’t any specific answer to this question as it can take anywhere from four months to a year to see great results. But there are many things that can be done to maximize the results of a SEO campaign.

1. Start Out with a Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

It can take a long time to rank for a keyword, so you want to make sure that the keyword actually performs and provides a ROI that’s worth your time. Rather than spending a lot of time optimizing for keywords that may or may not generate new business for you, you can quickly see which keywords work and which ones you should be targeting in your SEO campaign using your pay per click data.

2. Get Active in Social Media Platforms

SEO is not a one dimensional strategy. There are many factors that affect your rankings. One of these factors is social signals. Rather than wait until later, you want to make sure you’re building a strong presence and following on social media as you build out your SEO campaign. Social signals are only a small part of the ranking factors but building a large following allows you to get your content out there and generate links easier.

3. Build the Campaign from the Bottom Up

A common mistake that businesses make is to start out by targeting the most competitive keywords. It’s a better approach to target less competitive keywords to start getting traffic faster. Once you start getting traffic, you’ll be able to use the revenue generated from that traffic to start targeting more competitive keywords. This process will also help the search engines get an idea of what your site is about and give your site authority.

4. Focus On Building a Loyal Audience

It’s a shortsighted strategy to focus on using search engine traffic to only generate sales. You want to use that traffic to build a loyal audience. This can be done by getting visitors to sign up to your email list and building a relationship with them. You can use your email subscribers to cross over to your blog and social media accounts to establish more channels you can reach them through. This will also help you build more organic links and social signals which will consequently enhance your SEO results.

5. Put Strong Emphasis on Quality and Relevant Content

Many businesses try to build links to their site. However, they make the mistake of trying to do it with low quality content or content that their audience doesn’t care about. In order for your content to generate links for your site, you need to make sure that it’s based on news, topics and conversations that is relevant to the target audience wants. You can figure out some great ideas by studying related blogs, online forums and social media channels. You also have to make sure the content delivers value and isn’t the run of the mill article written without much though.

These strategies will help you build your SEO campaign faster. They’ll also help you get results as you build your campaign. It’s a far better approach than focusing strictly on your main keywords and on the search engines as the sole digital marketing channel.