Direct Submit & Get Car Credit Now

Direct Submit & Get Car Credit Now.
Direct Submit is working with a new client, Get Car Credit Now. Their approach to car finance is based on they don’t think your past mistakes should prevent you from getting car credit now, nor should you suffer because of something someone else did to damage your credit score.

The website includes a simple application form that takes minutes to complete and you’ll typically get a response within 24 hours. With your pre-approved agreement in place, you can choose your new car knowing your exact budget and feeling confident that you will be accepted for credit.

Direct Submit & Get Car Credit Now

The application form takes minutes to complete and has no impact on your credit score. Get Car Credit Now use soft searches that won’t appear on your credit report) to find you the most suitable deals for your individual circumstances.

We will be working closely with the client to help them identify target regions and also to raise the profile of this new business.

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