Google Search Algorithm Update

Five Important SEO Ranking Factors

For the past week or so, there has been chatter within the SEO community about Google search algorithm updates. The Search Engine Roundtable journal are reporting that the chatter is very limited but those who are complaining are seeing huge changes for their sites in Google search. But again, it does not seem very wide spread.

The reason the story is being covered is because after about five days of hearing this chatter, it is still going on. Most of the tools show normal volatility but some are a bit off the charts.

It can be that a lot of people are already taking it easy before the holidays and are not noticing the changes on their site, thus not chatting about it in the SEO communities. Or it can also mean that very few sites are impacted by whatever is going on.

Generally, Google doesn’t make huge changes to their ranking algorithms before the holidays. But that is not always the case.