How to Rank my Website Higher in Google?

This question plagues every single website owner in the world. Some of them know how to do it, which is rare.

Some manage to actually do it, which is even rarer. Whichever camp of site owners you belong to, SEO is your main weapon in achieving high rankings, so there’s only one real question: how do you do it? What are the ranking factors that will decide your website’s fate?

How to Rank my Website Higher in Google?

Google Rankings signals
Google has over 200 different rankings signals and even more combinations of them, numbering in thousands.

It’s safe to assume Google hasn’t revealed them all and never will. Only their employees can give you a full list of Google ranking factors (which they won’t), so we’ll have to do with the most widely known.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a group of techniques focused on improving page rank of the promoted website, based on algorithms used by Google and other leading search engines to sort out the results.

This procedure has become an essential element of online promotion, as customers increasingly rely on Google searches to make their purchasing decisions. Naturally, entries located near the top of the first page are the ones that get nearly all the traffic and consequently lead to conversions.