Introducing Keyword Research

Introducing Keyword Research

Introducing Keyword Research.
While Google consistently keeps SEO specialists on their toes with updates to their search engine algorithms, one factor has stayed consistent over the past few years, and that is keyword research. For inbound marketers looking to optimise their websites, keyword research has – and should always be – a priority.

What is keyword research?
Keyword research is simply the process of sourcing and analysing key search phrases that people tend to put into search engines like Google when searching for certain products or services. By gaining insight into what the most popular search terms are, you can utilise these to enhance your content marketing strategy and ensure that you see better results.

Why is keyword research important?
Keywords are a crucial element of helping websites and blogs to rank in search engines. Keyword research can help to inform businesses about the topics that people care most about and are searching most about in relation to a certain industry or field within an industry. By combining keyword knowledge with the right SEO support, you can utilise those keywords and phrases to enhance your content marketing strategy and boost your search engine ranking.

How can you research keywords effectively?

Step 1: Make a list of all relevant topics to your business: Start by thinking about the key areas that are linked to your business. So, say you run an eco-friendly candle shop, then key topics could include: scented candles, recycled candles, and eco-friendly candles.

Step 2: Fill those topic areas with keywords that are relevant to your business: The next step is to plot out the actual keywords that could be used. For example, some of the relevant keywords could include: eco-friendly candles, candles, soy wax candles, vegan candles, and recycle candles.

Step 3: Research related search terms: Once you’ve plotted out a few key terms to focus on, the next step is to look for secondary keywords and phrases, such as: eco-friendly candles UK, eco-friendly candles alternatives, vegan candles UK, soy wax candles London. These related search terms are crucial, as they help you to better understand what users are searching for beyond an eco-friendly candle, such as in what region, for instance.

Step 4: Look at how competitors are ranking for those terms and phrases: The next step is to consider who your key competitors are, and take the time to look at the keyword strategy that they have in place. Utilise search engines to check what your competitors are ranking best for, and consider how you can outrank them with your own effective keyword use.

Remember, the power of keyword research is linked to better understanding your target audience and target market and how they are using the internet to search for specific content, products or services.

By utilising keyword research, you can better understand what users are searching for, the number of users searching for each key phrase, and how these users want to receive the information that they are looking for when taking advantage of search engines like Google.