SEO – An Important Investment

SEO – An Important Investment

SEO – An Important Investment
Search engine optimisation seems intangible to many business owners and they don’t fully know its great potential. How important SEO really is can’t be overstated: Your website is an acquisition tool and the only way it can live up to its potential is when people can find it exactly when they need it. Clearly, appearing at the top of Google for your services is a powerful thing, but how worthwhile is SEO really?

Whether SEO is part of your marketing mix determines the level of success of your business. It’s not just a question of getting to the #1 spot of the search results, but of increasing visibility in general. If you are not visible, you are always dependent on other means to get customers. By being visible in Google, customers find you automatically.

Why you should invest in SEO

Reason #1: SEO is the future
Practically no one uses the Yellow Pages anymore. They get dusty in the corner and even older generations of people now search online.

Nine out of ten people use Google.

People are all looking for a solution to a problem.

They expect to find the solution in a product or service.

If your business appears directly at the top of the search results, you acquire more website visitors and phone calls than you could from any other source. More and more people are using the Internet and look for local services in particular, so if you run a local business, having a strong SEO foundation to stand on is an investment in the future of how people are going to find businesses now and for decades to come. This is particuarly important for Local SEO.

Reason #2: SEO offers solutions directly
Search engine optimisation has a decisive advantage over other customer acquisition methods: A prospect does not have to be convinced that he needs your offered products or services – because he is already searching for it! Google shows your website in response to someone’s query. After all, how did you find our website? Did you search for “SEO in Newcastle”, maybe?

SEO operates according to the pull principle, which works in three steps:

>>> Someone searches for a solution by entering keywords into Google
>>> Businesses that offer appropriate solutions show up in the search results
>>> The person contacts your business or buys a product

The acquisition of new business couldn’t be easier, simply by being at the top with a good website.

Reason #3: SEO has a high ROI
Unlike PPC (AdWords), with natural SEO, however, you can get your web-based traffic for free. It is clear that high-quality search engine optimisation is not cheap, but the investment is dwarfed by the results. You just need to be patient for these results to be created.

A top position enables significant growth for your business. We have never worked with a local business that didn’t end up multiplying after reaching a top 3 position. Your investment is transformed into success as quickly as possible and brings in large amounts of new revenue in the long run.

Reason #4: SEO is measurable
If you run an ad on the radio or in a magazine, you can’t measure how many people you reached with it. With, you can see exactly how many people click on your website on for which search phrases. You can also see where you are ranking every day. Thanks to the Google Search Console, a tool provided by Google, shows click statistics and impressions for the past 16 months. Also, your listing in Google Maps comes with statistics, such as website clicks and direct calls.

Working with an SEO company such as Direct Submit means that all implemented strategies and successes are logged, analysed, and evaluated. There is no guesswork involved whether or not a marketing method was successful or not. Google Analytics makes it especially easy to check KPI related to SEO.

Reason #5: SEO boosts your reputation
SEO is particularly interesting because of a very special aspect: it increases visibility as well as the perceived authority of your brand. If you show up #1 for a search query, the person searcbrand-buildingtype of service will perceive you as an authority in your market. This brand-building quality is a side effect that makes people more likely to buy and remember you. Soon, people will begin searching for your brand or name directly.

So why is SEO – An Important Investment?
Search engine optimisation is for the long term. This means that searchers come into contact more frequently with your business, brand, or product name. This form of brand awareness is a decisive success factor as it strengthens your company’s authority and reputation.

SEO is a sustainable marketing method that requires a lot of time and energy – but rewards it with new customers, more attention to your company and unparalleled measurability. These advantages make SEO the number one acquisition and communication tool for local and national businesses alike.