Specialist Business to Business Insurance Broker

Specialist Business to Business Insurance Broker
At Weir Insurance they have over forty years-experience offering insurance and brokering services to their customers in and around Newcastle both commercial and residential and are able to offer expert help and advice regarding most types of insurance including business insurance, household insurance, vehicle insurance and property insurance.

With specialist advice and policies available for business regarding issues such as professional indemnity insurance, landlord insurance and public liability insurance you can be certain that they will be able to make sure that you and your business has all the cover that you require, even if you have a unique business or something that is complicated or hard to insure they will do everything they can to make sure that you have the correct level cover for the best possible price.

Having professional indemnity insurance is an excellent way to make sure that your business has all the cover it needs if a client is not happy with the treatment or service that they have received, any claim even one that is minor or untrue can be expensive and time consuming to resolve especially if the matter ends up going to court or incurring other legal expenses.

Under UK law a company, organisation or person offering services to the public is legally liable to their customers or clients to offer a fair and well informed level of service and can be issued with legal actions if any claims of mistreatment or deception are upheld, so having the correct cover is essential to any business if the need to defend any such claims ever arise.

Some successful businesses have lost everything due to not having the correct insurance to cover legal fees when a claim has been bought against them. There are many types of occupation that are liable for legal action for offering incorrect or misguided advice of a sub-standard level of service including advertising agents, doctors, IT consultants and some non-profit organisations and charities so checking if professional indemnity insurance could provide your business or company with some added security could be a really worthwhile idea.

With personal indemnity insurance providing you with cover against many eventualities including loss of documents, loss of property, libel and defamation, intellectual property and negligence you will have the peace of mind that your business will be fully protected no matter what may happen.

If you aren’t sure if your business is liable or want to find out more about the types of professional indemnity insurance and personal indemnity insurance that are available, at Weir Insurance they will be happy to tell you more with an excellent range of policies available they will be able to discuss your business with you, assess what type of cover you require and help you find the policy that is most suited to your needs.

With a friendly and dedicated team on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have at any time and an in depth knowledge of the industry and the way various types of policy work you can be sure that they will do everything they can to make sure that you are completely happy with any business insurance that you decide to take out.

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For further information please call one of our experienced insurance team today on 01670 365533 or visit the Weir Insurance brokers website. We have been helping our clients’ with their insurance needs since 1972. We talk to you about your requirements, work with you to figure out what cover you need (and what cover you don’t) and then use our relationship with dozens of insurers to find the best solution for you.