Understanding User Experience

If users spend lots of time on your site and click through multiple pages in a single visit, it tells Google your site is of fine quality. And that deserves a ranking boost.

A happy user will come back for more, so the trick is to make them happy. Want to know how?

If you have been busy doing SEO on your site, you are already on the right track towards good user experience. Many of SEO activities (such as mobile optimization and maximizing loading speed) positively affect UX. But you can do even better.

Looking at the User Experience

User-friendly design. Experiment and discover what works best for you. Simple designs often work as well as more sophisticated ones. Less is more, and more is more, too.

Technical SEO. Keep your site fully functional and deal with technical errors as soon as they show up. Scan your site now to see if anything needs your attention.

Content that takes time to consume, such as videos, infographics, tests and interesting content in general. Longer dwell times tell Google users are having a good time on your site.

Content that satisfies user search intent. A user who solves their problem is a happy user. If you provided the solution, that happiness is aimed at you, too.

Calls-to-action. You will most likely want your users to behave in a certain way when they visit your site. It’s okay to give them a little push; it doesn’t even have to be subtle.