Which Pages to Optimise

Which Pages to Optimise

Which Pages to Optimise
Anytime you optimise the pages on your website for the search terms you think your customers and clients are searching for, you are making a lot of assumptions. You’re assuming that these are the best terms to focus on, that you’ve covered all of the terms relevant to your business or services, and that you’ve optimised your pages in the best possible way to demonstrate to Google that these are the most relevant terms you should be ranking for.

Despite the very best optimisation, if it’s based purely on these assumptions you could be missing out. This final strategy is going to show how you can drive more traffic to your site by investigating what Google thinks of your pages and what your customers and clients are searching for to find your business, and then looking to make improvements to capitalise on this information.

Three Key Pages to Optimise
There are three key areas we want to look at, and for this, you’re going to need to go back to your Google Search Console (GSC) dashboard to find the information you need. We’re looking for:

> Pages on your site that you haven’t optimised or are not part of your regular SEO project but are getting a good amount of click-throughs
> Pages on your site that seem to be getting lots of impressions but not many click-throughs
> Pages on your site that are ranking in positions 6-15 for good keywords/search volumes

If you can find a page that is doing well on its own and optimise that page with the meta title and on-page optimisation strategies we’ve shown you, there’s a good chance you could improve the rankings for that page and drive even more traffic to your site.

If one of your pages is getting a lot of impressions but not many clickthroughs, you could use the strategy for improving your clickthrough rate to increase the amount of traffic that page gets without improving its rankings.

If you have pages that aren’t really getting much traffic and are typically ranking on the bottom of page 1 or the top of page 2 for their main keywords, using all of the optimisation strategies we’ve gone through to try and improve their rankings could really help increase the traffic they get.

Moving your rankings for a good keyword from the top of page 2 to the bottom of page 1, or the bottom half of page 1 to the top 5 results, can really have a positive impact on the impressions and clickthroughs for that page.